Getting Started

Hi and welcome to the first Wild FiGG blog post!

The intention for this blog is to share useful information, personal insights and anything that might be helpful in our never ending endeavours to live a more fulfilling and content life.

There are so many tools, ideas and methods someone can focus on, in order to live a better life. At The Wild FiGG, we’ll be focusing on the physical through Yoga, the mental through reading and writing, and the spiritual through life experiences. Expect to see recommended books and articles, lots of yoga info and some personal reflections.

Begin with a Challenge

At the beginning of September 2018 I was challenged by a yoga studio I teach at, to find a way to live in a more stable, rooted capacity. I decided to look at my daily habits to help me feel more grounded. And so I began a 30 minute morning routine that consisted of 10 minutes of meditation, 10 minutes of writing and 10 minutes of planning the day ahead; listing my 3 ‘musts’ for the day, 3 things that would help me progress in the different aspects of my life. From such a tiny change, just 30 minutes a day, I’ve seen a disproportionately amount of positive change in my life.

This positive, fuzzy feeling has now spurred me on to set myself a goal each month for the next 12 months. It needs to be something I do every day for 30 days. Next months goal is to write for two hours every day. I want to blog more, write for fun in the form of short stories and just get into the mindset and habit of writing regularly. I’ll report back after the 30 days to see how Octobers Goal has gone. Wish me luck!

– Gill