Friday Feelz – My New Happiness Project

After a fun conversation with a friend yesterday, in which we solved all the problems of the world, she told me that it’s always great to have these chats, reminding ourselves to keep things simple. She said she always feels rejuvenated and full of positivity after our chats, but then she goes back to her normal day-to-day thinking and those negative thoughts eventually creep back in. I knew exactly what she was talking about.
Most of my life, I’ve been a happy person, comfortable in my own skin and content with what life throws my way. But these days there are times, usually first thing in the morning, that my negative Nancy hijacks the drivers seat. Usually by breakfast or my first cup of coffee, I’ve wrestled the the wheel back from good old Nancy, but she’s usually made her point by then.
If so many of us have the tendency to slip into self deprecating, destructive and negative thought patterns, surely there are some smart people out there that have figured out ways we can break these habits and get back to feeling more positive? And so I thought if my aim for the next few months is to write more, something I’ve really been enjoy lately. Why not focus on figuring out and sharing the best ways to stay in a positive mindset? And also techniques to handle those days when we are feeling crap?
So how do you live a happier life? Who better to turn to for the answer than Google. And so ‘Top 10 Lists’ on how to live a happier life, have been commandeering my eyeballs for the past hour. And like everything you try to figure out by asking the internet, there appears to be countless ways to help you stay positive.


To keep things simple, I’m going to focus on one each week, on the ideas and principles that already work for me, resonate with me or are things I know probably do work, but I’ve never given them much time. And so the ‘The Friday Feelz’ is born. Every Friday – surprisingly – I will write about some idea, technique or process that supposedly helps increase happiness. And I’ll post it here along with a fun little video. Just because I like making videos. 😃
If you have any suggestions or things that work for you please do let me know. I’m excited about this fun little Happiness Project. Let’s see how it goes…

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