#2 Friday Feelz: 3 Ways to Walk your Path

Last week I wrote the first Friday Feelz post. It was encouraging people to focus on creating a positive daily path to live by, rather than focusing on #goals. So this week I thought I'd continue on from there and look at a couple of ways that might help us keep on track. Below I've … Continue reading #2 Friday Feelz: 3 Ways to Walk your Path

#1 Friday Feelz – Don’t Have Goals

Goals. #lifegoals #squadgoals #couplesgoals #bodygoals. Our society is obsessed with goals. They are often the reason we put up with excessive stress, miss out on spending time with family and friends, endure sleepless nights, all in the name of successfully hitting a target. We often pick one goal, one area of our lives and focus all our … Continue reading #1 Friday Feelz – Don’t Have Goals